Author Spotlight: InLoveWithEric

Hello my darling readers! This is my very first author’s spotlight and I’m terribly excited! I’ve been reading this lovely lady’s stories for quite awhile now and she was at the top of my list of authors to interview. Especially considering her latest few projects are just—ungf! There are no words….just magnifique! Anyhoo-let’s get on with the interview, shall we?

So, tell me a little about yourself.
I am a 40+ mother of one teenage boy (Goddess help me).  I have lived in New Hampshire for the last 16 years.  Before that I was a New Yorker, which I consider myself mostly.  Though, I was a Navy brat and lived up and down the east coast.  I am married to a very understanding man who excuses my writing as a workable addiction.  I am a college graduate and make my money (no writing doesn’t support any of my habits) as a Corporate Trainer.  Writing is a passion that I can only hope will support me someday.

What do you do when you’re not writing?
I love to scrapbook!!!  I’ve been doing it for twelve years and have dozens upon dozens of books made.  I also do anything with paper; cards, crafts, you name it.  I also fancy myself a novice photographer.  Other than that, I like playing in my gardens in the summer and of course, reading.  Now a day’s it’s mostly fanfiction.

Do you pull experiences from your real life into your writing?
In some of my stories, yes.  In others, it’s pure fantasy.  However, I always try to bring a little of people I know into my original characters.

How do you come up with your titles?
In a lot of the stories, the title just came to me as I started thinking about the way I wanted my plot to go.  For Precious Love, it was listening to a song, as was Where Were You.

Ultimate girl question: chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate, definitely!!!

Besides SVM, do you have another series of books that you love or that you’d ever write fanfics for?
I’ve read the Twilight series and have started (but not finished) a few stories.  Other book series I’ve read:  Anita Blake, Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Series, The Night Huntress Series, Oh and I’ve read the first book of the Discovery of Witches.  There have been countless other series through the years but those are the ones I go back to time and time again.

What is the best compliment you’ve received on your writing?
That I’ve made my characters seem real.  I think that is a huge compliment for any writer.  When a character comes to life for you.  It is what has hooked me on books over the years.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Don’t be afraid to take chances.  You write because you want to, not for anyone else.

What sort of Starbuck’s concoction would your characters order?
LOL.  Okay, I have to admit to NOT being a coffee drinker so this one is a little hard for me.  I would say Eric would have black coffee.  Nothing fancy for him.  Sookie loves coffee but I think she would stay away from the Frapachinos.  Maybe an ice coffee.  Bill, well, I think he would have some half café, half latte mocha something or other with soy milk (he is probably lactose intolerant – so am I so that isn’t a dig on us normal folk – really).

Tell us something random about yourself.
When I was little, I stuttered and stammered so bad, I could barely get a sentence out.  Talking in class bordered on painful, to say the very least.  It started at the age of 5 and continued that bad for a few years.  Even years after, I would get nervous and wouldn’t be able to talk or would stammer, trying to get the words out.  My first public speaking class in college was a relative night mare.  Years later, I’ve made my career out of being a Corporate Trainer, talking in public for 6-8 hours at a time.  Moral, any obstacle can be overcome and if it can’t, apply more force J.

What kind of environment do you write in?
I can pretty much write anywhere.  I slip into my characters world and can literally be lost.  I’ve written in a quiet corner of my craft room; while I’ve also written at a scrapbooking event with 300 other women and music blaring.  I didn’t even notice.

Tell the truth. Do you ever write naked?
Nope but in this heat, I may try.

Where can you be found online?
Fanfiction and my wordpress account.  We also have a fan page on Facebook for Precious Love and An Elegant Death.

Anything else you’d like to tell?
No, I don’t think so.  But I’m not really sure what else people would want to know about me.  LOL.  I’m really a nobody using this creative outlet to have fun, work through issues and basically put on paper my crazy imagination.  In saying that, I am beyond honored and in awe of how many people are reading and enjoying my stories.  I can’t get over it.  I want to thank everyone who reads, reviews and follows my stories.  Your support and continued encouragement spurs my creative juices.  So form the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Absolutely anything else??
Remember nothing is worth doing unless you are having fun doing it.  If you aren’t having fun, find the fun or find something else to do.  Life’s too short to regret or look back and wish you’d done it differently.  Laugh out loud, Sing off key and dance in the rain…. That’s the best advice my Grandmother ever gave me.  I try to listen to her as often as I can.  She was as smart as Sookie’s Gran.

And there you have it folks! The end of my first ever author spotlight interview! *tear tear*

As she said, you can find her on where she has 10 stories up.

The best place to find her, in my humble opinion, is her awesome blog. You can find that here. On her blog, she has all her completed and in progress stories, as well as characterizations and other visual aides to help you along. It’s managed to make it onto my everyday reading rotation, even if she hasn’t added anything new. I’m constantly finding something else to read or look at-and it astounds me!

I’m also including links to the Faceook fan pages she mentioned above.
An Elegant Death Fan Page
Precious Love

A huge thank you to my lovely author InLoveWithEric for your participation! It has been a pleasure and I can’t wait to read more!

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