Story Spotlight: Semper Fi

This is one of InLoveWithEric’s newest stories and it’s one that I’m waiting on the absolute edge of my metaphorical seat for. Seriously. Since Eric in any type of uniform is sure to make even the most prudish of people turn lusty, she automatically got a preliminary read from me. Not to mention all her past stories are absolutely AWESOME! But her way of conveying the emotions of her characters just pulled me in and captivated me. She chronicles the trials and obstacles of both sides of the military equation-the people left behind and the people overseas. I’m not in the military, but I do have a cousin who is and I can identify with the people left behind. She did a great job capturing the pride and desperation for news. The loneliness and camaraderie of the boys overseas was beautifully captured as well.

Here’s some info and a little preview of some characterizations from the story as well as where to find them.

Sookie has taken her job as the cheerleader for Jason’s squad stationed in Afghanistan very serious over the last two years.  What happens when they receive a new Staff Sergeant only eight months before they are due home?  He is a hard to read, no nonsense Marine with no time for fun, games, women and anything else, well human.  That is until he receives his “Welcome Package” from one of his men’s sister.  What will happen when that small gesture causes a chink in this man’s armor?  Will it help him be a better soldier or could having his mind on other things than his men put them all in danger.  Follow these two as they learn about one another and fall in love while living life on two separate sides of the world.

Rating & Category
NC-17 for later chapter
All Human // Romance // Family

*I just LOVE that she does these characterizations! It really helps to visualize the story while I’m reading. Just saying.**

Where You Can Find Semper Fi
You can find this story on InLoveWithEric’s blog and on has been notoriously unreliable lately, so if you’re looking for a better experience (as well as awesome pictures and banners!), try the blog.
Semper Fi
Semper Fi Characterizations
Semper Fi

So, hopefully you’ll check out Semper Fi and you’ll love it as much as me!

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