Story spotlight: Save the Last Dance

Well, here is yet another of InLoveWithEric’s awesome stories. Which actually implies that she has stories which are un-awesome, which simply isn’t true. Anyhoo, this particular journey is one of a girl/woman rediscovering and growing into herself. This holds a near and dear place in my heart, since I’ve had to do this numerous times in my life. Dancing in particular is also very near and dear to my heart, even though I’m not able to indulge (bad back, bad knees, wrong body type…I could go on, but you get the picture). Somehow, throughout the story, she manages to capture such perfect representations of certain things. Whether it be a dance step or a feeling–things that shouldn’t have any concrete words to describe them. And yet, there it is in black and white. So bravo! <<—that’s my standing ovation.

I began reading this story way back in late 2010 or early 2011…can’t remember exactly. And it’s finally done, which I’m so grateful for, since it’s one I bookmark and read over and over. ::sillysmile:: Well, I’ll stop rambling on and get to the good stuff…tee hee.

Sookie, writer and dating Senator hopeful Bill Compton, finds herself in need to learn to Waltz.  Enter Eric Northman, Professional dancer, watch how Eric Spins Sookie into a new world she just doesn’t want to leave.

Rating & Category
Mature rating
Romance // Family

Where You Can Find Save The Last Dance
You can find this story on InLoveWithEric’s blog and on has been notoriously unreliable lately, so if you’re looking for a better experience (as well as awesome pictures and banners!), try the blog.
Save the Last Dance
Save the Last Dance

Hope you all enjoy!

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