Author Spotlight: MissyDee

Hello my lovely readers! Good day to you! Continuing our author’s spotlight series is an author who is a hilariously funny contradiction, as you will see in her interview. (Especially the bottom!) I LOVE her work! She chooses topics that may not be the most kosher or the easiest to write about, yet somehow you feel so in touch with the characters. Even if you can’t imagine some of the situations or story line actually happening…you can identify with them. Let’s hear (okay, let’s READ) what she has to say.

So, tell me a little about yourself.
I’ll be 32 next week, a Leo, I like long walks on the beach… nah, I don’t actually like sand/dirt on my feet. I’m an odd duck, I don’t like shoes and socks, but I don’t like dirt on my feet. I’m usually pretty quiet until you get to know me and then I don’t know how to shut up. I make terrible jokes and I say “that’s what she said” more than any normal girl should. I spoil myself, a lot.

What do you do when you’re not writing?
Usually working, these days I can also be found at the gym or asleep. I also try to get a little reading in too.

Do you pull experiences from your real life into your writing?
I do, quite a bit. My characters usually have bits of myself in them. Some real life situations find their way into the mix too. None of my stories are flat out based on true life stories – well one is loosely based on something that happened to me.

How do you come up with your titles?
Usually song titles. Makesmyheadspin and I have coined the term “namestorming”. We put our heads together and go through every song we can think of that applies to the story.  Suddenly a light bulb goes off and the story is named – except for MailBoy, I thought I was being funny talking to StoriesforEvy and that happened. 

Ultimate girl question: chocolate or vanilla?
Depends  – If we’re talking ice cream vanilla anything else chocolate

Besides SVM, do you have another series of books that you love or that you’d ever write fanfics for?
I think I could only WRITE for SVM. I am however a Black Dagger Brotherhood lovah… Gah, those boys are just too much! 

What is the best compliment you’ve received on your writing?
“I search my inbox hourly for updates on your story. I could have 10 other updates, but always look for yours first.”  That is just one that I can remember right now, it really stuck with me because it truly blows my mind that people like what I write.  For someone to say they’ll read MY stuff above all others, knowing there are people that write so much better out there is just mind boggling and awesome.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Get a beta – my beta when I first started was the best thing to ever happen to me. Write what you know. Have someone you trust to bounce ideas off of. Stay excited about what you’re writing. 

What sort of Starbuck’s concoction would your characters order?
Hmm, since they all have tastes like my own I’ll go with a peppermint mocha during the winter (I know they’re around all year, but winter they taste better) for Eric. For my Sookie’s a skinny hazelnut latte. Always hot, even in the summer. 

Tell us something random about yourself.
Hmm… I have StoriesforEvy’s lips tattooed on the inside of my left wrist. Along with 11 others.

What kind of environment do you write in?
I do 99% of my writing on my phone using Google docs. So I usually lay on the couch or in bed before I go to sleep. If I’m feeling spunky I’ll actually sit in my office and listen to music.

Tell the truth. Do you ever write naked?
Never fully naked. I’ve been known to write in bed with minimal clothes on, but never naked.

Where can you be found online?

Anything else you’d like to tell?
I think the funniest thing is that in real life in the world I do NOT cuss. I wouldn’t be caught dead using half the words I use in my stories. Also for as dialogue heavy as my stories are I really don’t talk that much – sometimes I can get chatty, but usually I’m pretty quiet. My office has pictures of A.Skars on the walls… and… that’s all I can think of.

Ah, a woman after my own heart! (Never understood that phrase entirely, but I do believe it fits well.) I just love the tattoo! Anyhoo, this wonderful lady is an awesome inspiration for me and I can’t wait to get her alerts!

She was so kind to give you the links for where to find her, but I’ll tell you that I prefer reading her blog over That site is a turd in my cornflakes! But however and wherever you find her, please enjoy!

I have to send out a HUGE thank you to MissyDee for participating in this author’s spotlight! All my love!

5 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: MissyDee

    1. I love reading her stuff so she was naturally on my very short list of authors to start with. I hoped more people were interested. Glad to hear it’s true!


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