Story Spotlight: The Good Stuff

The first up in MissyDee’s story spotlight series is a one shot entitled The Good Stuff.

This is one that anyone who’s married-or even in a relationship-should be able to identify with. And if you’re not and claim that you and your significant other NEVER fight…psh. Liar. Anyhoo-this was a great glimpse inside the head of someone who just got into a huge fight with the person they love.

Marriage tends to be glamorized in today’s society, which is why (I believe) lots of people have troubles. This is just a small instance of what happens when you actually fight for what you want. And in this case, not to give away anything (although I think it’s the journey that’s worth reading about) the journey to this particular resolution is just so touching. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Indeed, after reading this I had to go snuggle with my husband, just from all the nice fluffy happy feelings this short story gave me. Yay!



A quick little one shot about Eric realizing what’s good in his life and learning to appreciate it.

Rating & Category
T rating
All Human // Family // Hurt // Comfort

Where You Can Find The Good Stuff
I can’t seem to find this particular one shot on her blog, but it is posted on I do believe she’s in the process of posting all her writing onto her blog, so it may be up at a later date. Also, these pictures were my small interpretation of some warm fuzzies, so don’t go attack her if you don’t think they fit in!

The Good Stuff

Go check it out! And give someone a nice squeeze afterwards!

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