Story Spotlight: Crash Into Me

The spotlight on MissyDee’s stories continues with Crash Into Me.

The epitome of “Wow!” is all I have to say about this story. This relationship is so taboo and yet so sweet and innocent–it’s amazing how wonderfully she captured the feelings of everyone involved. Anytime there is a significant age difference in a relationship, there will be scrutiny. It’s a fact–usually it’s fairly well deserved, but not for everyone. I was particularly giddy the entire time I was reading this story. Now, my husband is only 2 years older than me–a respectable age difference. Slightly less so if I was the older one, but still. And yet, somehow, I could still identify with the characters. This particular talent is one that MissyDee capitalizes on all the time. She has the unique ability to write sensational and off the wall situations and yet still identify with everyone who’s reading. It’s not a common talent, and one that I immensely appreciate. And here’s a little more about the story and where to find it.

Crash Into Me

Single dad, Eric falls into an unexpected relationship with an unlikely woman.

Rating & Category
Mature rating
Eric POV // All Human
Romance // Family

Where You Can Find Crash Into Me
You can find this story posted on and she’s in the process of posting it on her blog, although it does have it’s own page there.

Crash Into Me
Crash Into Me

Like I said–great story! Go read it and let her know how extremely awesome she is!

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