Story Spotlight: The Surrogate

Yet another…dude, I was trying to find a different word than awesome, but that’s exactly what it is. And awesome story. Like anything MissyDee writes could be un-awesome, but still. I get particularly gushy about this one since it was the first of her stories that I ever read. Again she does the more out there or taboo subjects so surprisingly well, it’s hard to imagine that she doesn’t have intimate firsthand knowledge of some of these things.

The seriousness and silliness of this story balances almost too well…she’s seriously one of the best writers at this particular brand of balance. The situations in this story will break your heart and have you jumping for joy. Within minutes of each other. Seriously, not even joking. Or maybe I’m just a weird duck. Which is entirely possible.

Sookie agrees to be a surrogate mother for her cousin Pam and her husband Eric. Pam isn’t as excited about motherhood as she initially let on.

Rating & Category
Mature rating
All Human // Eric POV
Family // Hurt // Comfort

Where You Can Find The Surrogate
This is another one that hasn’t quite made it onto MissyDee’s blog, but you can find it on Again, the pic in this post is all me, so don’t hate on her (Wow, I NEVER thought I’d say anything like that but whatever…).

The Surrogate

So, go read and laugh and gasp and whatever other comical actions you do while reading. Oh, is that just me that does that?? Damn.

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