Story Spotlight: Life, Accidental

First in ChanelAddict’s story lineup is an awesome story, which is thankfully complete. Which means that you should rush over to any site it’s posted on and devour it. Seriously.

In this beautiful story where you can see disaster at every turn, you can make out the real life struggle inherent to all humans. What starts out as a complicated and messy situation, with heartbreak and struggle running rampant, turns into a harmonious and wonderful story. It’s almost like looking into my own life—with absolutely none of the same situations, but still. It’s a weird ability ChanelAddict has that no matter how different from my life or how far fetched the idea-I can identify with it. And generally when I start squealing in glee or crying with the heartbreak of the characters, all my husband can do is sigh and give me a hug. There are authors who can do this to me–most of whom I’ll spotlight eventually–but the majority of the stories I read just don’t move me like that. I can like them til the cows come home, but at the end of the day I can put aside those emotions. This story in particular, it was very hard to forget between updates. So here’s some more specifics for you!


What would happen if two single people, who don’t like each other all that much, inherited a baby? We’re about to find out.

Rating & Category
M rating
Romance // Family
Warning for : Possible swearing, possible cuteness, mountains of sexual tension, one baby girl and two idiots

Where You Can Find Life, Accidental
You can find this story on (although that site is extremely unreliable lately) and ChanelAddict’s wordpress site. I, personally, would go the wordpress route, simply because is being such a pain in the behind.

Life, Accidental
**for the wordpress, on the front page for the story there is a link to Ignore this and choose the chapters from the drop down menu at the top**
Life, Accidental

Alright, go do some reading. Be prepared to laugh, be prepared to cry, and be prepared for an awesome journey!

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