Story Spotlight: Southern Belles

Next up in the ChanelAddict lineup: Southern Belles!

Now, I was born in the South. But I am in NO WAY a southern belle. I question everything and go my own direction and pretty much rebel against anything someone wants me to do-just because. And-somehow-I can totally identify with everything Sookie goes through in this story. The intense emotional back and forth–she just captures it SO well. I’m racking my brain to find something else to say that won’t give away some crucial plot point, but I can’t think of anything. Honestly, this was one story that had me constantly checking my email until it was finished. And then when it was finished it lingered in my mind. Like, forever. Seriously. So let’s hear some more, shall we?


Former beauty Queen & all around Southern Belle, Sookie is left wondering if she can have the perfect life she was raised to want, or can she branch out on her own when she falls in love with her boyfriend’s best friend.

Rating & Category
M rating
Romance // Hurt // Comfort
Eric & Sookie (obviously!)

Special Extras
There is a soundtrack page for this story on ChanelAddict’s wordpress site, which is just completely awesome! She’s got the videos posted for the songs as well, which really gives you a feel for the emotions, what’s going on and everything.

Where You Can Find Southern Belles
Like I always say, you can find this story on wordpress and But I’d highly recommend you at least look at the wordpress page first. The actual story isn’t there-it will direct you to However, that’s where you will find the soundtrack page. Ya know, if you don’t follow the direct link I’ll be posting, but whatever.

Southern Belles
Southern Belles Soundtrack
Southern Belles

So, get yer drawl on y’all and head over to read Southern Belles! (Yeah–I have issues…) :o)


3 thoughts on “Story Spotlight: Southern Belles

  1. This is such a great story. I loved it. Chaneladdict really nailed southern women sterotypes. It is hard to talk about without giving it away. If you haven’t read the story yet please do you won’t regret it.


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