Story Spotlight: The Devil Wears…Discount?

Last up in ChanelAddict’s story lineup is The Devil Wears…Discount?. This is the only story that’s still in progress that I’m spotlighting, but it’s just THAT good.

This is the classic role reversal where the woman is in the power position…or is she? This whole journey of self discovery is a really great insight into what happens when you have a woman in a position of power and how that can (and I feel usually does) affect her. Throw in the hot assistant and just–dayum!

Yeah this is another “edge of my seat” story. Sound familiar yet? I told you she was an awesome writer! Anyhoo-this complicated story is perfectly woven together to give the reader a glimpse into the psyches of two very different-yet very similar-people. The dichotomy of this is a little astounding when you really sit down to think about it. Let’s get into some details!


Sookie is a VP of her family run fashion company with a icy repuation and little to no personal life.Eric is the lanky math nerd hired as her mismatched assistant.He’s thrown into a life of tight deadlines, tense meetings, & insane pressure to be perfect. Will it change him or will he change it?

Rating & Category
M rating
Romance // Family

Where You Can Find The Devil Wears…Discount?
Again, it’s listed on ChanelAddict’s wordpress site, although it’s linked back to I still think it’s worth it to check out the wordpress though. It’s pretty damn spiffy.

The Devil Wears…Discount?
The Devil Wears…Discount?

So break out your oversized sunglasses and retro bathing suit and bathe in the gloriousness that is The Devil Wears…Discount! Just make sure to use your sunblock! :o)

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