2012, I bid you adieu!

Here we are on the last day of 2012. And in…5 hours or so it will be a new year. Here’s a look back at some stuff that happened in my life this year. Feel free to leave some comments on some stuff that happened in your years as well. In my opinion, looking back and remembering the good times make going forward that much easier. :o)

January: Ryan turned 3 and started school. We also found out that I was pregnant…again!

Ryan turns 3

February: Erik turned 1. Erik started to kiss everyone. Pregnancy continues.

Erik turns 1

March: Mike and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. Pregnancy continues.

April: Finally watched the series finale of Angel…only like 8 years after the series ended. Puppies went to their new home.

May: I left The Art Institute. Found out the bean was actually a beanlette.

baby girl profile

June: I got new tires for my car.

July: Family trip to Venice beach. Erik’s first beach trip ever. Ryan got a new big boy bed and we got new couches.

Sitting in the waves
Sitting in the waves

August: Ryan starts his second year of school.

September: our beautiful baby girl was born! Remy Elina Alexandra made her debut on September 25. Mike turned 28.


October: My mamaw turned 86! Kids go trick or treating as Sully, Mike Wazowski and Boo from Monsters, Inc. Ryan got evaluated for his communication device at school.


November: I turned 26. We had family pictures taken at an awesome nature preserve by my dad. The boys have their first non essential sleep over away from us.


December: Remy turned 3 months old on Christmas. The world was supposed to end, but just keeps on going.

So other than the obvious (a new baby) my year hasn’t been too big or exciting or stressful. I can’t wait for 2013! How bout y’all?

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