Tips for the new electronics in your life

Happy New Year to everyone out there! This coming year I am aiming to post here a lot more. So, I’m starting today. Yay!

First up is a tutorial for your iPad, iPod or (I’m assuming) iPhone.

We’ve had an iPod touch since February 2011 and this past Christmas we received an iPad. Now my husband works for Dell and we’re a staunchly PC household, however for “mobile” electronics I’m a huge Apple fan. It’s wasn’t always the case however…I was the biggest holdout for MP3 players! Literally. My dad-who is past 60-had an MP3 player before I did. Honestly…this pains me to admit especially since my husband is like the techiest person I know…the iPod touch was my first ever MP3 player. Sigh.

Anyways now that that little confession is out there, I can get on with it. My son uses an adaptive communication device at his school-a Samsung tablet with a $4000 (yes that’s right FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!) app that talks for him. So my mother wanted to get us something that we could use at home. Obviously the $4000 app is out but there is a comparable one for about $150 so that’s a good thing. However, I’ve also claimed the iPad for my use as well so I needed a way for him to not…how can I put this nicely…fuck everything up completely. Oh and not be one of those horror stories you hear about kids charging hundreds of dollars to their parents account. Yeah, not really something I want to deal with.

And thankfully I don’t have to! There is a way to lock your apple device and keep whoever is using it into one single app. And the upside is that a passcode is required to unlock it, which is something my almost 4 year old would have absolutely no idea how to master.

(I say this now but watch me update in a few weeks saying “Oh yeah remember I said my 4 year old couldn’t figure this out??? Well…..”)

For the following tutorial, the screenshots with blue writing are the iPad shots and the red is the iPod touch, which I’m assuming is close or identical to the iPhone. You’ll also note that the instructions are identical and the screenshots are nearly identical as well. However, I’m including both just for the sake of being thorough.

So, in whichever device you have you want to open up the settings menu.


Then you choose the general category. After that, select accessibility.




Scroll down to the section entitled ‘learning’ and you will find an option for ‘guided access’. You’ll want to click on that.



Once you’re in the category, just flip the switch to on. You’ll also need to set a passcode and verify it because otherwise, how would you get out of it?? Yeah that’s something I so totally would do.





Now here’s where the screenshots end because once I put the device into the guided access mode, I couldn’t take them. But basically you tap the home screen button (ya know, the bottom button that takes you back to the home screen) three times. Fast. Don’t dawdle like my husband did and lazily press it. Press it fast three times in a row. A screen will pop up enabling to you disable certain spots of whatever you’re in…handy for say, not buying something in the store. Then you click the ‘Start’ button in the top right. Once you’re done with it, click the home screen button three more times, enter your passcode and voila!

And there you have it. Something you probably didn’t know about your apple devices.

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