Foodie Friday

Continuing on with my endeavor to post more and to actually find interesting things to post about, I’m beginning Foodie Fridays. I will post something about food-whether it be a recipe, a restaurant review, a product review or….something.

A note about my recipes: I tend to subscribe to the “cooking is an art not a science” way of thinking, which means that my recipes tend to be more fluid than you’re probably used to. I will give measurements but always remember to taste as you go. The best way to cook is with YOUR palate. What I think is good may be drastically different from what you think is good.

And,with that said, the first post will be up shortly. Just getting the pictures inserted and then were good to go.

Update: I forgot to mention that the lighting in my kitchen absolutely SUCKS. So forgive the bad pictures that may pop up. I’m working on it!

What'd You Think?

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