Bottlecap Magnets

Seeing as I don’t have a weekly feature for Thursdays, I figured I’d post something I’ve been working on. I try to recycle or up cycle everything I can. Which, in this town and this complex specifically is NOT an easy feat. We have no recycling program, the trash program sucks and everything gets thrown out. So I do the best I can.

One project that is super easy and super useful is making magnets out of small things. Stuff like wine corks, scrabble tiles, small pendants…and bottle caps. This tutorial will focus on bottle caps since I had a crap load of them and needed to do something with them.

Disclaimer: I am NOT getting paid for any of this. The products I mention are actually ones that I use. And sorry for the crappy iPad pictures!


*bottle caps (beer, soda, etc)
*glue (I use E6000 cause of it’s awesome!)
*small round magnets (these come with sticky backs, but I got the non sticky)
*cork sheet (cardboard would work as well, cork just seems to hold up a little better)
*something to cut with (an exacto in my case)

First you need to cut out your piece of cork for the inside of your bottle cap. The first few I measured with the cap and then trimmed it down to fit nice and neat. Later I just started cutting small squares since it was quicker. And honestly, who’s going to be looking at the backs of your magnets?




Next, you glue the magnets into the cork. One layer of cork should be enough to put the magnet past the bottle cap back. Otherwise it wouldn’t stick.

Next you leave them alone! Let them dry! Whatever glue you’re using will have instructions but usually a day will work, unless of course you live somewhere horrendously humid (ahem…) and then it may take longer.

And voila! You have some super spiffy magnets!

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