Mike’s Monday Moment

Today’s installment of Mike’s Monday Moment is about The Walking Dead. Not just the show but the comic book or “graphic novel” if you want to sound more sophisticated. I’ve always had a fascination with zombie movies so when I heard about the TV show I was definitely interested. I saw the first episode around the time it aired but it was a little slow and I never remembered to watch it after that. I stumbled upon it again recently on Netflix after being reminded of it by someone at work and got to watch the first 2 seasons during the course of a couple weeks.

The show airs on AMC and was already a few episodes into the 3rd season when I caught up so I downloaded the episodes on iTunes and watched them on the TV using my Xbox 360 and Windows Media Center. I don’t like getting spoilers so I will try to describe it without giving away too much.

The show is about a zombie apocalypse world and takes place in Georgia. It starts off similar to 28 Days Later where the main character has a traumatizing accident and is in a coma when shit hits the fan. He does eventually find people. People that are alive I mean. Luckily in this zombie apocalypse world the zombies move slowly with speeds that vary depending on how decayed they are, which makes sense to me. So they are fairly easy alone but when the gang up they can be troublesome.

Now you would think that this would get boring over time but the writes have come up with many brilliant ways to keep it exciting. Because in a world with no laws and zombies ready to eat you at every turn, it becomes survival of the fittest. And when society has broken down, how do you know who you can trust?

The show is based on the comic book series which I just started getting into. There are a lot of differences as far as the characters go but the show keeps true to the main characters. There are quite a few events that happen differently as well and it’s a little more R-rated in the comic. Being that the show is on A&E they can only do so much. Only if it was on HBO or Showtime they might be able to make it closer to the comic. The feel of the show varies from season to season and even episode to episode at times and it’s very clear that anyone can die at any time.

I highly recommend the show even if you’re not into the Zombie Apocalypse genre because there is a lot of drama and they are good about leaving you with cliffhangers at the end of the episode, especially the mid season break or season finale. The 3rd season picks back up in February so if I’ve gotten you interested enough to check it out you still have time.

See you next week. Until then, trust no one and stay alive!

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