Terrible Twos-day: Drops of Awesome

I was perusing the Internet the other day when I stumbled across something that made me think. I found a blog post by a woman who was lamenting her failures as a parent. I think every parent out there-well every good parent out there-has done the same thing at one time or another. But she went on to tell about her ‘Drops of Awesome’ theory.

And I wanted to share since I think it’s pretty damn awesome. Hee hee.

Basically instead if focusing on everything she did wrong, she’d focus on little things that she did right. For instance, instead of focusing on the fact that she yelled at her son, she focused on the fact that she got him up for school on time that morning. Instead of focusing on the fact that she couldn’t control a temper tantrum, she focused in the fact that she hugged her kid that day.

The concept in and of itself is an awesome one. For every thing you do right, in life or as a parent, you get a drop of awesome. And those drops can’t ever be taken away, you just keep getting the and getting them and they add up.

Towards the end of the post she started analogizing it to something religious, which I kinda tuned out for since that’s not really my interest. But since that day, I wanna say two weeks ago or so, I’ve been doing my best to see my ‘failures’ in that way.

I tell my kids I love them-drop of awesome
I get the Boo to school on time-drop of awesome
I wash the Little Miss’ diapers BEFORE I run out-drop of awesome

It’s helped so much! I have a history of depression which translates into my parenting life more than I’d like to. Since reading that post, I’ve been coming out of my seasonal depression a bit and I’ve noticed a definite upswing in my moods-especially after a long day with the kids.

Check out her blog cause she’s got quite a few posts that are pretty awesome in and of themselves.


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