The Closet of Doom

I’m sure most parents feel that at least one of the closets in their home ends up being a bottomless pit of never ending misery. In our case, we only have…5 closets. We have the walk in closet in our room, the walk in closet in the kid’s room, the linen closets in each bathroom and an outside storage room. (I count it as a closet, otherwise it’s just depressing.)

Now even though the Pib has slept with us since he was born and the Little Miss is following in his footsteps, the closet in the kid’s room holds all their clothes and toys and books and whatever else I need it to. Honestly, it was a total disaster.

So, before the Little Miss was born I decided to organize it. Now, I may not be a clean freak (in fact I’m actually pretty horrible at cleaning) but I am an organizational wizard. So, I figured I’d share my success story.

DSC00062 DSC00063 (2)

First thing was figuring out the clothes. We have 3 kids. And those three kids wear about 6 different sizes of things at any given time. So I went ahead and left the double layered shelves in. We did have to move the top one down a bit (I’m so hopelessly short!), but otherwise they were fine. The next obstacle I encountered was dividing the clothes by size. The boys clothes tend to blend together so I needed a quick, visual way to distinguish. Not to mention, asking Mike to actually look at the tags in order to hang them up was apparently tantamount to putting ketchup on foie gras. (Yeah, I’m a foodie, I can’t think of any other horrendous things off the top of my head!)

So, after a lengthy and eye opening search online, I came up with some dividers. I found a bunch on Etsy and the container store and other places, but they were all so damn expensive! If you’ve got them money to blow then more power to ya, but this was my solution.

DSC00067 (2) DSC00068 (2)

These are….dun dun dun…toilet paper rolls! We got through a lot of TP. So, I’m constantly trying to find a way to repurpose the inner cardboard rolls since I hate throwing everything away. So, I cut the rolls in a line and split them open. Then I cut them in 3 about equal sized pieces. Then I taped some scrapbook paper I had on hand over the cardboard, then stuck on the white stickers with the age range on it. To put them on the closet rod, I just used some more tape in the back. When I don’t need a particular size category anymore, just slice with the scissors and it’s reusable! Yay! Spiffy, huh?

Now, since I’m completely weird about clothes organization, only the tops get hung up. Pants, shorts and pjs get put in drawers. But since we don’t have drawers, I turned to my trusty IKEA catalog for a solution. They have these awesome recycling bins that just seemed perfect. So we got 4. These were labeled with the same scrapbook paper, white stickers and packing tape that the dividers were made from. Since August, when I originally did this, the labels have changed, but we still have the 4. We now have a separate one for each kid and then an extra for outgrown clothes. Once the outgrown bin is full, we sort through. Some stuff gets saved to the Little Miss and everything else gets permenantly saved (hardly anything) or donated. Then, we had a small set of 3 bins that we decided to use for the Boo’s school clothes, pjs and swimmies. School shirts get the top drawer, school bottoms get the second. Then pjs and swimmies go in the bottom. Again, they are labeled the same way as the recycle bins.

DSC00071 (2) DSC00070 (2)

We still have these two bins on the shelf under the top rod, but the contents have changed. One is for the butts of the Little Miss’ dresses (the bloomers) and the other is for socks. The bibs were relocated to the laundry room off the kitchen.

DSC00069 (2)

I used a spare tension rod (curtain or shower I have no idea) and braced it above the dryer. Then just hang the bibs on it. So much easier than trekking to the kid’s room every time I need a bib.


The other side of the closet is for toys, books, memory bins….you name it. You can see in the top pictures how it’s organized. There’s a few changes since August, but by and large it’s the same. I won’t bother explaining (it’s pretty self explanatory I think) but I will say that I turned once again to my trust IKEA catalog for the containers. Seriously IKEA is perfect for just about everything.

And there you have it. The easy and simple solutions for all your storage problems. Well…not so much but at least it’s a start!



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