Mike’s Monday Moment

As Kelpie mentioned, last week’s Monday Moment was canceled due to extreme exhaustion. The Boo turned 4 and while it was a good party for everyone, Daddy was in charge of carrying the Little Miss and wrangling the children. So that is what my Monday Moment will be about this week.

Now, I’m not really complaining about it since it’s what I’m good at, just venting a little. Mommy was in charge of food and setting up so for the first 20 minutes or so while we were waiting for everyone to arrive; I was holding the Little Miss while keeping an eye on the other two on the playground. Little Miss may not be the heaviest child we have but over the course of 2 hours it tends to take its toll.

People were nice enough to take her from time to time but I only got maybe 10 minutes total of rest. Maybe it’s because I’m overly protective of my kids and I did it to myself since we aren’t used to functions like this. But after this experience, I suddenly have a new found appreciation for women with big breasts. While carrying the Little Miss attracts a lot of attention like big breasts, it also really puts a strain on your back! (Again, same as big breasts.)  And we forgot the carrier at home so it was like I was without a bra on top of it.

Fortunately for me I can set her down or pass her off to adoring grandparents. Speaking of which, this was the first time ever that all 3 sets of Kelpie’s parents were in the same area, and miraculously the Universe didn’t implode! They were actually very polite to each other which was surprising for Kelpie’s divorced adoptive parents. But both of them were actually interested in learning about her Birth Mom and her family.

So all in all the party was a success! I can handle the physical stress and recover from it easily, but the mental and emotional stress lingers for a while since I have to hear about it for days after.

I know this Monday Moment wasn’t very informative but I hope it was entertaining at least. So the moral of the story was, I like big boobies! I mean I appreciate large titties! I mean… just… nevermind… See you next week!

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