Terrible Twos-days: Family Bed

Ever since the Pib was born, we’ve coslept. Now that the Little Miss is here, we more or less have a family bed.

Now, those of you who have read my blog for awhile know that we have 3 kids and the Pib was #2. So you’re probably thinking “uh, kelpie? Not exactly fair to kid #1 there, now is it?”

And I’d probably be inclined to reply with something like “well random Internet stranger, The Boo HAD to be in a crib so we could vent his G-tube on his mobile.”

And then I’d beam a dazzling smile your way while flipping the bird.

Oh wait that’s what I do to nosy people in real life. Sorry, my mistake.

Anyways, back to the family bed thing. Most people I know just cringe and stare in astonished silence when they learn this fact about us. I have no idea why since you’d think most people would be used to our “weird parenting” by now but whatever.

So, at this current moment, we have a toddler bed butted up against our queen size bed. This means that theoretically, the Pib can sleep in the toddler bed and then Mike, the Little Miss and I can sleep in the queen bed and we can all have our space. However this is rarely what actually occurs.

Usually, and I don’t know if this is some weird 2 year old sleep issue, the Pib ends up migrating, which means he usually wants to be by me. This means that Mike ends up sleeping right at the edge on his side and I’m sandwiched between a baby and a toddler who should NOT take up as much room as they do.

And yet-I wouldn’t change it. I swear I would do very well in a primitive society where everyone sleeps in the same room and often the same bed. It’s very odd. And it’s also odd because I genuinely have a very hard time sleeping if the kids aren’t in bed with me. Mike agrees to an extent but I know he’s counting down the days until they’re both in their own beds.

I hate to tell him that it may be awhile. :o)

I never EVER thought I’d have my kids sleeping in bed with me. Before I had kids, or even wanted kids, I had heard how unsafe it was and how it killed a couples sex life and how it made your life miserable for a multitude of reasons.

I gotta say, in my experience, it’s all crap. There’s a ton of science behind the benefits of cosleeping. I’m not going to bore you, although I can recommend a ton of sites and books if you’re interested. It’s gotten me so much more sleep than I would have had otherwise. When you’re nursing every two hours at night, it’s so much easier to just flop a boob out and hardly wake up than to get up, trek across the house, turn in lights, get the baby up, feed them, then try to get back to sleep.

The sex thing…well, where there’s a will, there’s a way. I don’t think it’s impacted anything on that front. As is evidenced by how fast I got pregnant with Remy, despite being on DepoProvera.

Any bad things I could say about cosleeping, and there are a few things, are so vastly overshadowed by the great things and benefits that it’s completely laughable. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

I now some people aren’t comfortable sleeping in the same bed as a baby. And that’s fine. But tilt works for us. As long as you practice safe and responsible cosleeping, then it’s a great option.

I was reminiscing last night over the last 2 years or so since the Pib was born and I just couldn’t help but smile.

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