Pixar Shorts

Okay. So we’ve been trying to consolidate our movie collection onto the computer’s external hard drive. (That device is a magically wonderful addition to your computer setup, just so ya know!)

Anyways, we have the Pixar Shorts collections 1 and 2. Let me tell you, this is a perfect way to keep the kids occupied for awhile. Put them all on and replay them on a loop. For some reason, the boys LOVE them!

I just had to rave about my 3 favorites.

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy YouTube
This one is adorable! If babies really cam this way it’d be SO much easier!

Presto YouTube
Heh heh. Poor bunny! And such stupid people!

For the Birds
For the Birds YouTube
This is by far my favorite! It really illustrates the way people behave. But it’s funny!

You should check out the Pixar Shorts. Just saying. :o)

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