Foodie Friday: Condiment Wars

Everyone and their brother has an opinion on condiments…not condoms, as my husband’s quick glance read that. (He sputtered and asked me why on earth I even have an opinion on that before I told him to read it again…sigh.)

Anyhow, I’m not one for condiments in general. IF-and it’s a big if-I choose to use them, I’m quite picky. I hate ketchup, even though I like almost everything else tomato. I hate mustard, but can tolerate it if it’s mixed into something like a dressing. Can’t stand mayo unless it’s a) flavored or b) made from scratch. Relish-ew, gag. BBQ sauce I can tolerate, but in tiny quantities and never slathered over things. I hate wings that are covered in massive quantities of sauce and I hate buffalo sauce. Sweet chili sauce is a good one, in my book. But I still use it sparingly.

So now that I’ve probably offended everyone with my rant on what I don’t like, I’ll get to the point of this post. Sadly, my post this week isn’t a recipe. But it IS a recommendation.

My absolute favorite BBQ sauce in the entire world is only found in one place (I believe). It’s Wolf’s BBQ sauce.

My mom is from Evansville, Indiana and her family still lives there. For as long as I can remember we trekked up there every summer and every Christmas. The best BBQ in town was (and is) Wolf’s BBQ Restaurant. Don’t know why, but it’s the absolute best.

Their sauce…mmmmmmmmm. Lets see, how can I put this…?

It’s fucking awesome. Mikey’s convinced that Wolf’s goes with everything. Seriously he put it on some leftover fish from Red Lobster and went nuts for it. It’s the epitome of good sauce. It’s not too tangy and not tart and not too vinegary…it’s slightly thinner than most sauces I’ve seen but that just makes it easier to spread in my opinion. I made some pulled chicken with it a few months back and I swear I became territorial over the crock pot.

According to their website they now ship. They say they’ll ship food or the sauce, which is awesome since I’m always using it even more sparingly than normal. I only ever get one bottle when my mom visits up there, so it has to last.

We can ship any of our delicous meats, salads, or barbecue sauces. Call our store direct for more information and pricing on all the Barbecue Pacakages we have available. Please ask for Chris Morris.

Wolf’s Bar-B-Q Restaurant
6600 N. First Avenue
Evansville, IN 47710
Ph: (812) 424-8891

That came directly from their website. As soon as I test out their shipping practices I will update here and let you know.

Someday soon I’ll have another condiment war (on mustard this time) post for you since it’s a hot button issue around our house. *insert eye roll here*

Happy eating out there!

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