Author Spotlight: Revamp

Okay, as AshleySue pointed out last night, I DO have more banked author spotlights. Apparently when we moved our files over to our external hard drive, they got shuffled into onto their folder. So here will post later today and in the coming weeks, there will be a few more as well.

Sorry for that mix up!

Anyways, I’m revamping my author spotlights! This is where yo, my lovely readers come in.

Are there any authors (or stories) that you’d really like to see spotlighted? Or if you’re an author yourself, would you want to be?

From now on, there will be new in depth author spotlights, the regular story spotlights and some in depth story spotlights as well. I’m very excited about this and honestly, if I get a lot of responses I may bump up the schedule and start doing 2 or even more spotlights a week.

So, either leave me a comment (please) or you can email me at with a suggestions or request. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Revamp

    1. Why thank you. Love doing them. If you have any authors or stories you’d like to read more about let me know. I’m always looking for new people and stories to feature!


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