Fangies 2013

For everyone out there, you probably know what the Fangies are. However, if you don’t here’s a short bit about…along with a gentle nudge (read: huge shove) to go vote!

The Fangreaders is a chat community that is very devoted to all things vampire. They always cover SVM/True Blood and now is the time for their yearly awards!

They have a PDF ballot that you can download before you vote so that you can check out all the amazing stories that were nominated. If you go here, it will give you all the instructions to download the ballot and then to vote.

I honestly downloaded the ballot right when it came out and JUST got around to voting…some of the choices were SO hard! Honestly I had to make Mike read some excerpts and get his opinion because I simply couldn’t decide.

So, go vote! A lot of the authors I’ve featured have been nominated and I’m sure they’d appreciate the support.

Bye y’all!

2 thoughts on “Fangies 2013

  1. I too downloaded my ballot when they first came out, spent a week reading everything I hadn’t yet read (except for the Sookie/Alcide stories…I just can’t go there), and then cast my votes last week. I can’t wait to see the final results!


    1. My husband decided a few, like I said. He was like “you were SO horny/sad/mad after you read this one I remember”. Hehe. Yeah I read him excerpts when I have a strong emotion. He’s a good sport. ;)


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