Epic FAIL!! But…

So, I’m a total fail.


I completely forgot about Wednesday’s spotlight. Sigh. In my defense, Mike’s work schedule just changed and he’s not off on Wednesdays anymore so I was a tad overwhelmed with it being day #6 of taking care of the kids by myself.

That makes me sound like I’m completely incomeptant as a mom, but whatever.

Anyhoo, I’m not trying to make it up, but there will be one on Saturday. I promise!

But I DO have another chapter of Blind Oblivion for you!

Check out Chapter 5 now! And a HUGE thanks to my beta, Nix, for fixing everything up. And another HUGE thanks to everyone who reads and reviews! Y’all rock!

4 thoughts on “Epic FAIL!! But…

  1. Dear Miss Kelpie,
    If you have kids, you are entitled to start the day with the alcohol of your choice and aas many valium as needed….lololololol…..raised one….that was more than enough…and no…it does not get any easier…..lololololololol…….


    1. Woah that just made my day!!! I’ll try to keep that in mind. I was gonna get a beer today at the renaissance festival at like 10 am but the bar wasn’t open yet. Booooooooooo


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