We made it 5 years!!!

Not the blog…Mike and I!

MKK_0208 (2)

So, 5 years later…
*3 kids
*2 jobs for Mike
*1 job for Kelpie
*almost 1 degree for Kelpie…

and here we are.

Plus, since I got 50 followers on the blog yesterday, I’m giving y’all a treat!
This little ficlet piece that I’m posting isn’t part of anything (yet), but I found it back in my files from forever ago. So I figured a nice lemon would be in order to celebrate this momentous day. Sound good?

Alright, here ya go…


“I can’t wait,” she mumbled in between kisses, all the while palming the ever growing bulge in his pants.

“Well, there’s not exactly a place to stop.”

She giggled and pulled away to stumbled around the outside of the stadium. She blearily read the sign for each door they passed.

“The stadium’s locked up,” he gasped as she pulled him close and latched onto his neck, sucking for all she was worth.

“Not to me,” she broke away and jiggled a doorknob. The door slowly swung inward. “See?”

She pulled him in by the shirt, pushing him against the wall and attacking his lips again. He roughly spun her around and lifted her tiny body, balancing her on his hips.  He palmed her ass with large hands and she gripped his hair, twisting his head to have better access to his lips. Their tongues danced together harshly and battled for dominance.

She roughly tore at his belt and zipper.

“Wait, are you-“

“Oh GOD! Just shut up and fuck me already!” She bucked her hips enough to slide her boy shorts to her thighs. She gripped his cock tightly and guided it to her dripping entrance.

“Wait, I don’t-“

“Fuck! What the hell? You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on and your dick is amazing. Can you please just fuck me til I can’t see straight?!?”

She shrieked as he thrust into her with all he had.

“FUCK!  You’re so tight!” He was determined to get her off before he did. He thrust roughly as she shifted her hips to allow him in deeper. He leaned forward and kissed her roughly, sucking her tounge into his mouth. His hands squeezed her ass as he shoved her into the grimy wall behind her. She moaned around his tongue before yanking back, only to begin sucking on that spot right underneath her ear. His eyes rolled back in his head. He moved a hand between them and began thrumming her clit, which made her buck into him even harder.

“FUCK!” She shuddered around him. The clenching of her walls around him made him come with a roar as she bit down on his shoulder.

They stayed where they were, him holding her up against the wall, and caught their breath. He shook his head to clear it a bit, before slowly lowering her to her feet.

“Oh. Shit! Condoms! We didn’t-“

“What are you, a girl? I’m on the pill. And before you ask, yes I’m clean, yes I’ve been tested and actually you’re the first guy I’ve ever fucked without one,” she looked thoughtful for a moment. She turned to him, with a devilish glint in her eye. “Come on. Let’s get upstairs!”

She dragged him roughly out the door, while he tried to adjust his still hard erection. Every few steps, she’d turn to him and begin molesting him. It was all he could do to stumble to the dorm with her attached to him. She fumbled in her bra for her cardkey and slid it through the reader. They stumbled in the doorway and he shoved her roughly against the wall.

“What floor?” he asked breathlessly.


So, hopefully you’re all hot and bothered now. I’m going to go take advantage of having my husband around with only 1 kid. Cause Little Miss is sleeping…heh heh heh.



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