Alrighty all you lovely ladies…and gents if there are any.

I am in need of some help. Again. I’m running low on spotlight material banked up. And when I run out…then the fun stops.

So, here’s where y’all come in. I need-or want if you will- to find an author on Her name on that site is Dead Addict. Her profile hasn’t been updated since November 2010 and her PMs are disabled, so I can’t message her. I LOVE her stuff and wanted to do a spotlight…but if I can’t contact her, then I obviously can’t. So if anyone knows her or how to get in contact, please let me know. Or let her know I’m looking for her.

The other request I have is this. I’m going to begin doing the story spotlights I promised like way back when. So I need y’all to tell me if there’s a story you just HAVE to read one on.

So, as always, let me know of any author or story recommendations you may have. You can always reach me at, in case you forgot.

EDIT: By the way, I emailed Chapter 8 to my beta today and I’ll post it as soon as she gets it back to me. I got hung up, yet again, on a nice lemony scene. Sigh.

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