Author Spotlight: Mortissues

Time for another spotlight! This is actually coming to you a few weeks earlier than planned because the lovely MistressCinder made a special request. So yay!

This gals story Wiles is so freakin good! I wait very impatiently for new updates…the last one had me in tears. It was just THAT good. So…yeah let’s hear from her, then shall we?

Let’s start with an introduction. I’m Kelly, or as more people know me, Kelpie.
And you are?


So, tell me a little about yourself.
What do you do with yourself when you’re not writing?

I work, chase after the kids or the dog, and think about writing!

What are some things you never leave home without?
My phone. My iPod. And if I’m lucky, my keys.

What are some of your favorite (non-SVM) books?
Anything by Stephen Donaldson.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and had 3 famous people with you, who would you choose and why?
Usain Bolt, Bear Grylls and Morgan Freeman. Entertainment, survival skills, a rich deep voice to listen to.

What is 1 place you’d love to visit?

Do you have any pet peeves?
Bullies. I cannot abide bullies.

Tell me one random thing about yourself.
I’m extremely random.

Just for some insight into you pick one. Feel free to tell why or not.
White wine or red wine?
White wine, its cold.

Okay, now for the good stuff.
Why and when did you start writing fanfics?

Unemployment. I was bored of reading and finally decided to have a go myself.

Besides SVM/True Blood, is there another book, TV show or movie that you would write for?
Twilight, it’s what got me started.

What kind of environment do you write in? Do you prefer using a pen and paper, a computer or some sort of mobile device to write?
Laptop mainly. Sometimes on paper if I need to get something down. I once wrote a steamy sex scene on a pad when I was supposed to be watching one the kids play soccer!

Ever write in your PJs?
Yes often.

How bout naked? :o)
Never. I usually write at the kitchen table.

Where do you find inspiration for your stories? Do you pull your real life experiences into your writing?
So far I’ve only written about vampires so hopefully not! I’m also old and in my experience life isn’t about black and white, its all about the grey and that’s what I try to bring out in my stories.

Do you write on a schedule? If you do, how do you keep to that schedule?
Haha! No. I just write. I have a husband, two young kids, a full time career, a big dog and an elderly infirm parent. I just write when I can.

Do you plan out your stories or just write whatever comes to you?
I do plan. I know how I want a story to go, the general plot line and character development I want to explore. Then I just wing it . . . .

How do you deal with potential writers block?
Humph. Not sure. The first time I got it some of the people reading my story helped me get over it, but it wasn’t easy and if you know the story I think you can tell where it all went wrong. One of the suggestions was to take a break and write what was in my head, which is how Wiles got started.

Do you have any writing rituals or superstitions?
I pray for peace and quiet to concentrate. Not that I ever get it. So no, not really. Music helps and Mr Mortissues is very good at finding me something to suit the mood I’m trying for in my head. He is also my worst distraction, for a taciturn man he can sure talk when I’m trying to concentrate . . . .

Is one genre easier for you to write than another? Is there anything that you just aren’t that great at writing?
I try not to write about serious weighty issues as I’m afraid I won’t be able to do them justice.

What is the hardest part for you about writing fanfics?
Reader expectation.

Is there a method for coming up with titles for your stories and/or chapters?
I try to think of something that summarises the intent of the chapter. Sometimes I spend a while on it and sometimes its obvious. The titles are often lyrics from songs . . . .

Which character do you identify with the most?
I don’t. Getting into their heads and understanding the way they are is part of the attraction to writing the story. Sometimes I identify with them and sometimes I end up wanting to beat them insensible with a hard object.

Which of your stories is your favorite to write and why? Which of your stories is your favorite concept wise?
Repudiation is my favourite.

Do you talk to your family about your writing? How do they feel about it?
My husband thinks I’m nuts but he’s supportive in his own way, which is mainly as long as I don’t talk to him about it.

Which is your favorite SVM book? Favorite True Blood episode?
Living Dead in Dallas was my favourite book and I think the Dallas episodes of True Blood were my favourites too.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received on your stories?
I love the ones where the reader has identified with the story or the character. Whether their comment is good or bad it shows that they are involved with what I’ve written and that’s always amazing.

How do you deal with the inevitable criticism?
It’s not easy and your first instinct is to find a reason to reject it, look for a reason why the reviewer is wrong. Far better to step back and think about what they’ve said and why they’ve taken the time to say it. Fanfiction is very open and sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason to what they’ve said other than their own desire for the way a story should go, and sometimes they have a valid point that needs to be taken on board. I’d be lying if I said any of it didn’t affect me though. In truth its not always for sensitive souls, luckily I’m old and somewhat leather skinned . . . .

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
It relates to the question about criticism. If you’ve got a story to tell, write it, and write it your way. The problem with fanfiction is that people do read it with preconceptions, they read it because they like the show, the book or the characters, they’re not neccissarily looking for something different, just because your idea is doesn’t automatically make what you write bad. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I can’t write something I don’t believe in and maybe you shouldn’t either . . . .

Have any recommendations? What are you reading at the moment?
*Shifts in embarrassment*

And lastly, where can all your rabid readers stalk you?
Twitter. It scares me but with enough encouragement I may be able to venture into the water. If not FF, it’s where I lurk most . . . .

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions!

So there ya go, another awesome interview with an awesome writer! Go leave her some love!

2 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Mortissues

  1. Thank you for this! I love, love, LOVE Wiles and wanted to know more about the author’s background, personality and inspirations.


  2. Thank you for giving me an early birthday present. I am still crazy obsessed with ‘Wiles’. Especially after the past 2 chapters… : )

    Have you ever profiled Carroll E. Stewart? She is currently writing ‘Preemptive Strike: TB, Season Five, The Finale’ on FF. She writes additional story tidbits on WordPress. She also wrote the crazy amazing the ‘Prankster Chronicles’. Her links are &


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