Another One??

Yes, another chapter!


I originally had these done almost the same time, but had issues with editing. First I lost them on my iPad (??) and then my beta was on a business trip and since my writing truly suffers if she doesn’t check it over, I just said ‘Fuck it!’ and held off. But I’m SO excited about this chapter and had to get it out…didn’t want to make y’all wait til Monday or Tuesday. So, while I’m tinkering on the computer and trying (unsuccesfully, I might add) to figure out how to make banners and pretty stuff for my stories, I’m taking a break to post.

Fair warning. This is a major tissue chapter.

I’m afraid some of you will absolutely hate me and revolt after it. But such is life and this is the story. :/

So, without further ado, here’s Chapter 9.

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