Couldn’t leave ya hangin’

Okay, so I couldn’t leave you hanging. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning finishing chapter 10 since I knew how hard of a chapter 9 was to read. And my awesome beta got it back to me ASAP…like literally 20 minutes ago. So I’m posting it for y’all so you don’t lynch me.

On another pretty awesome note, I’m working on “casting” to give you a visual of who is who in the Blind Oblivion world. And I’m shamelessly copying makesmyheadspin and doing Polyvore outfits after each chapter. (Seriously, go check out her stuff and the joint stuff she does with scribeninja! O and she’s got joint stuff with MissyDee as well, which you should also check out!) So I should be able to work more on that stuff this weekend ::finger crossed:: and I’ll edit the chapters and make them prettified. Sounds peachy, huh? Alright well I’ll let you go…if you’ve actually made it this far, that is.

Chapter 10

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