I feel pretty, oh so pretty

Well, at least I made some pages prettiful!

Mike played with the kids after work so I could relax and get stuff done. Yay!

So, if you’re interested I have added the following:
-story cover on title page
Polyvore for Ch.1
Polyvore for Ch.2
-Polyvore for Ch.10

I also have the casting done, which I will be posting when the story is finished. Also, if you have any questions or concerns that I haven’t responded to, feel free to let me know because I will be doing a post-story author’s note where a bunch of things will be explained. (There’s a word for a ‘post-story author’s note’ but for the life of me I can’t think of it…hum.)

So, yay and feel free to check out the new additions. I’m working diligently on Chapter 11 now, so hopefully it’ll be up soon. Then there’s only 1 chapter left. Eek!

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