Holy Wailing Baby, Batman!

I should know better. I really REALLY should fucking know better.

If my kids are asleep, I should NOT read anything by:
Or any other multitude of awesome writers.

Because my reactions (ie moans, tears, giggles, coughing fits of laughter, etc) will inevitably wake up the kids and it will take for-fucking-ever to get them back to sleep.

And this has nothing to do with anything I usually post…just needed to make that point known.

Good night!

5 thoughts on “Holy Wailing Baby, Batman!

    1. Catching up on kjwrit’s tales of the dead. For some reason I hadn’t read the last 6 chapters or so. Bt it’s happened so many times its not even funny. Sigh.


  1. Trust me, you are not the only one. I have spent many a late night and/or very early morning reading these ladies’ and either a) not getting enough sleep or b) getting to work late. It’s not pretty. ;)


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