Exchange Rate

Okay so the title only has a minimal amount of significance whatsoever to this post but whatever.

This past year I participated in the Sookie’s Secret Santa fic exchange and I loved it! Definitely worth it. But it made me think.

There’s all kinds of contests out there for fanfic writers but the Christmas exchange was the only one of its kind that I saw. Since I have hardly any fanfic friends (tear, tear…sniff, sniff) I don’t really think I want t try to organize a contest. But I was wondering if there was any interest for a fic exchange. Maybe a mid summer one? If I get some good feedback and bunches of interest I’ll out something together.

Thanks darlins!

7 thoughts on “Exchange Rate

  1. There is a Happy Ever After Contest right now. If you go to fan fiction and search authors for Sookie’s Happily Ever After Contest some of the stories are there. I have no idea how to submit a story for it. Sorry. I do know that Jan of ARc, Makesmyheadspin, and Kjwrites usually write for the contest. they might be able to connect you. Some of the authors belong to this chatroom.


  2. I’ve thought about it, but DEA just sort of took the wind out of my sails. Thinking about finishing my WIPs and moving on to another fandom :(


    1. Yeah I know what you mean. Especially now with the last book spoiler. I’ve hopped on the Game of Thrones bandwagon hard. But e&s still have a place in my heart. :)


  3. I think now, since CH has dropped her lead balloon, is the PERFECT time to save Eric and Sookie from themselves. It’s not like we’ve ever “needed” canon before, so thank God we don’t need it now…

    Our extremely talented slew of fic writers have the best imaginations, hearts, and words to choose from that I can easily envision a flood of great works from both TB and the former-SVM.

    I, personally, can’t wait!! :D


    1. Hnestly I’m so disillusioned with the actual books I haven’t read the last 2…or3…or 4. Not sure. So not sure phone well I could do a hea without knowing what happens…other than loosely from other Fics but ya know. Thanks for saying it though. :) and I’ve been reading that story too! Y actually reminded me to send her a pm since I’m usually pacing with the baby strapped to my chest when I get her alerts. (That’s where I am most of the time lately, sigh.) thanks darlin!


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