SkarsPorn Sunday

Hola my darlings! I am so sorry that I’ve been so lax about posting lately! Little Miss is teething and as a result I have hardly slept in like 3 weeks…coupled with colds all around and a raging case of mastitis…yeah momma’s not a happy camper. But I will never flake out SkarsPorn!




Le sigh. That is all…

Oh wait no its not! I’m giving up scheduled postings…it’s too much and I feel like a total fail when I don’t get to it. So I’ll be posting randomly for spotlights. And whenever I can get my muse to bring himself back (yes, mines a guy) I’ll be writing more and posting of course. That’s all, thanks!

2 thoughts on “SkarsPorn Sunday

  1. OWIE w/ the teething, colds, AND *mastitis! Hope things calm down soon!!

    (*”Home remedy” help for mastitis: wrapping your affected boob/s in several large raw cabbage – yes, CABBAGE – leaves, and changing them out when they get hot, is supposed to be very helpful. Note the word ‘supposed’… I don’t know what magic this is, lol, but I hope it helps. Good luck!)


    1. I tried that when I had it with munchkin and it helped a little…not too much though. This time I actually found a funny one. Wet a disposable diaper (which I had to go buy cause we generally use cloth) a and microwave it. Forms perfectly to your chest and its wet heat. It actually worked! I was amazed…although maybe it was the nonstop nursing I was forcing my two littles to do. :) thanks darlin!


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