Hello my lovey ladies…and gents if there’s any out there.

I am indeed alive, although you’d hardly know it from my lack of updates. Other than SkarsPorn that is. However, it’s been…interesting around these parts. Hopefully shits calming down and I can get back to blogging on the regular. (<—-I don't think I've honestly ever said that before and it sounds weird!)

But I had to post for a few reasons.

First-The East is playing by me!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea…well, no you probably do…how anxiously I've been waiting to see this movie. For reals. Poor Mike-I'm dragging him this weekend and more than likely will be having Skarsgasms through the whole thing. Oh well, he'll live.

And next is this delicious bit of SkarsPorn from that oh so provocative (har har) Calvin Klein ad.

And I’d seriously like to know…where in the ever loving hell did they find jeans long enough to roll up?!? Seriously those gorgeous legs are like a freaking mile long…***drool***…you’ll have to excuse me now.

Adios! Hopefully I’ll be back posting regularly. Love yas!

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