Story Spotlight: Stay

Okay, so I finally have a smidgen of time to myself now that the Boo is back in school. And so I’m going to begin posting my spotlights again! Seems like there’s a cyclical pattern to the years where I absolutely CANNOT get anything done during the summer. Ya know, except not lose, maim or otherwise allow harm to come to my hellions darling children.

So, kjwrit (one of my absolutely favorite authors ever!) finished one of her stories tonight, so I figured I’d shine a spotlight on it. It’s a continuation after Dead Ever After, since the series had such a spectacular crash-and-burn ending.

It is of course rated M, as is everything she writes. But it’s a hilarious and exciting continuation that has an actual plot and actually makes sense. (*gasp* You mean there are people out there who care about these characters enough to give them a satisfactory ending?!? Shocking!)

It’s fairly short, 9 chapters and an epilouge, but it’s totally worthy of your time and energy. Not to mention, you should follow this awesome gal because her updates are seriously almost as funny as the stories she comes up with. And she also always give a heaping dose of SkarsPorn, which is yet another reason that I love getting updates from her. :o)

So, go check out kjwrit’s Stay and leave her some love.

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