Dear Lord. I’m stupid

I just now realized…way to go me!…that I posted SkarsPorn Sunday on Saturday. I blame the dude at 7-11 for confusing me that morning. He told me it was Sunday and my husband laughed at me all weekend because my brain was addled and I couldn’t figure out what day it actually was. :(

Anyhow, I’m going to be doing some rearranging on the blog. No worries, you’ll still get SkarsPorn on the regular, but I’m gonna be doing some other nifty stuff. Well, I hope it’s nifty to you. It may just the the weird organizational control freak in me.

So look out for new and exciting stuff and if anything drastic changes, I’ll put another post up. Thanks darlins!

6 thoughts on “Dear Lord. I’m stupid

  1. I was the same way because one of the authors I follow posted their new story on Saturday instead of Sunday like they said they were going to lol. It happens. We got it a day early… Not such a bad thing :)


  2. I saw that you posted on Saturday but, honestly, I didn’t care what day it was with all the pretties you had. :) pfft, don’t worry about it. We’re a happy bunch.


  3. I don’t think anyone cares what day you post the pics. You could on any given day & call it Sunday. Won’t matter to me; I’m well over 50 & usually don’t know what day it is anyway. Thank God I’m not blind!


    1. Thats totally my life nowadays. I only know what day it is because of the reminders on my phone for when I need to pick up my oldest from school. So horrible.


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