Extra, Extra!!!

Read all about it! Kelpie just added two new stories!!!

I know, I know.

You: But Kelpie? What happened to not posting until a story is completely finished?
Me: Yeah, I’m impatient. I decided to just go ahead and post what I’ve got.
You: Hum, I’m not quite sure about this.
Me: Oh it’ll be fine…

So, yeah that’s basically the gist. I’ll add new stuff as it’s done and beta’d. :o)

I’m also trying to work on getting some story banners made for all the stories I’ve started posting, but since I’m a slight photo-editing-tard it’s a slow going process. It’ll be up when I (or Mike) get around to doing it.

So, without further ado, here they are.

This is a much darker story than anything I’ve written to date…even darker than Blind Oblivion. So be prepared.

Working Man
e prepared to absolutely hate this Eric at first. I do. Mike does The betas do. It’s natural.

And, now, just like our preciously sexy ASkars, I have to go grocery shopping…albeit with all three of my kiddos. Adios!

6 thoughts on “Extra, Extra!!!

    1. I think it’s a shopping bag. I have a similar green one. :) but yeah I thought that at first too. And I buy that milk and that yogurt he’s got. Just makes me feel close to him. :)


  1. Ohhh…I see it now! I think it’s a couple of dark green reusable shopping bags turned sideways. At first glance it totally looks like a big slouchy green leather purse with long straps (turned up the right way.) It reminded me of that Friends episode where Joey is carrying a messenger bag/satchel and everyone keeps asking him what he’s doing with a purse! LOL


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