The 2013 Santa Hat is Open!

This is an awesome fic exchange…I’ve seriously been stalking the page waiting for the sign up to open! Go and sign up and have a blast!

Sookie's Secret Santa - Festive Fanfic Exchange

What could bring more Yuletide joy than the gift of writing a fanfic especially for someone or receiving a fic written just for you?

Sookie’s Secret Santa wants to bring that joy to the SVM/Trueblood fandom for the third year running!

How does it work?

Our sign up form will stay open until Sunday 3rd November 9pm GMT – Just fill out all of the details and sit back until Sunday 10th November when you will be given the name of the person they you be secret Santa for.

It might be someone you’re familiar with; it might be someone you’ve never heard of. I try to ensure that everyone is comfortable writing a story for the other person e.g. If someone prefers to write Sookie/Bill pairings they will not be required to write for a Sookie/Eric shipper or if someone dislikes BDSM they will not have to write for…

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