SkarsPorn Sunday

Okay so the poo explosions have decreased to poo micro bursts…so I had a bit of time today. Yay! So I have some chapters with the betas. :) whenever I get them back I’ll post them ASAP. And now onto the good parts.










7 thoughts on “SkarsPorn Sunday

  1. Seriously, sometimes I think the same thing…where was he when I was young and then I realize he wasn’t even born or was just a child…Then I realize he’s not even 10 years older than my eldest ingrate…fuck it! I love these pics & I love looking at this man!


    1. He’s 10 years older than me and I can’t believe I didn’t wait to marry him. *sigh*

      Then I remember my kids and how much I love Mike…stupid pheromones. :o)


      1. Honey, those things will get you every time for about 30 more years! And you’ll always love your kids, even when they grow into ingrates. Can’t tell ya about husbands though since I’m on #2. It’s wonderful how much you love yours! BUT – there is never anything wrong with looking!!!


    1. If I didn’t have 3 kids and a husband who expect me to feed them and clean everything (seriously, they don’t need to eat right???) then I’d be all over that boy. *dreamy smile*


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