I feel…

pretty, oh so pretty.

Yeah, not so much. As if dealing with last week’s explosions wasn’t enough, now I have a cold/flu/something that makes me feel like my brains are running out my nose. Which I guess is fitting since tomorrow is Halloween. :)

Anyhoo, I have a new chapter for you. And a new banner.

Already Married banner

Already Married // Chapter 3: Color Me Confused

So check it out, check out the casting pages, check it all out.

PS. for anyone who really hates the Polyvore pics I have…or any visuals…I apologize. I never knew it was such a pet peeve. However, they will remain, mostly for me since I have to have something to visualize otherwise I’ll get confused. So, take heart. It’s not YOU that I think needs the brain boost.

8 thoughts on “I feel…

  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon! My grandkids love to share everything, including their germs, with me. I’ve got the same thing right now so life’s fun. Halloween Parade today at daycare – more germs, can’t wait! Looking forward to the fun though! Chicken soup & green tea. Works well when you can’t take cold meds.


    1. Fr sure! My husband ran out and got me soup and tea last night, although I go for chai instead of green. I used to love green tea and then when I was pregnant the first time it grossed me out. And now I can barely drink it. :( it sucks cause I used to love it!


      1. I usually mix mine with some regular decaf tea & that way it’s not quite as blah, or whatever it is that makes it kind of odd tasting. Can’t get into the chai though. It’s been so many years since I was pregnant (thank God!), but I never recuperated from the things that grossed me out during mine. Nature’s way of telling me to never do that again? Most likely! LOL!


      2. Totally! During my last pregnancy all I could drink was coke slushies…and now I can’t even think of them without gagging. Seriously I couldn’t even drink water without getting nauseous. It was horrid. And during pregnancy #2 I had a massive aversion to bacon. It made me so sad. But I also started craving red meat, which was odd since I was a vegetarian up til then so….needless to say now I eat a nice steak once in awhile with no regrets. :)


      1. Thanks! You’re just so sweet! Having a few auto-immune diseases assures me it will be summer before they disappear, but every day’s an adventure so I just wait to see what happens every morning & go from there! Always something to look forward to that way!


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