So many pretties!!!

Okay, so I don’t have a new chapter for you (yet), but I do have bunches of pretty stuff. There are new banners for Prisoner and Working Man as well as casting pages for each.

Prisoner bannerWorking Man banner

I would have had these up and posted Thursday, but my munchkins needed to go trick-or-treating. :o) They made very cute munchkins.

Munchkins on Halloween


Follow the pics above to check out all the newness and hopefully I’ll have a new chapter for you later today or tomorrow. ;o)

11 thoughts on “So many pretties!!!

    1. Hah hah, yeah we limit candy…a lot. They have reactions to processed sugar and food dyes so it’s a necessity….I’ve had so many people tell me I’m a killjoy and I’m being horrible to them, but dude! They don’t have to live with the behavioral consequences. :) so yeah he sugar high was manageable. :)


  1. Beautiful children! Such great costumes too! Don’t blame you for limiting the sugar. Goodness, you’d have your hands full. My grandson loves marshmallows – if I give him more than one he’s like a little demon! We learned that the hard way so now they’re rationed. If I really want to piss off his parents, I may give him more right before he goes home…but I won’t do that to him! He’s a sweetie!


    1. Oh I have no regrets when it comes to what they eat…but most people think I’m “so mean”. We do mostly organic, as much unprocessed as possible and as little refined sugars as possible. Most people think it’s because I’m snobby or something but it’s because of culinary school freaked me the hell out about whats in our food. :) Hence, the “mean mommy” comments when someone offers some treat to them and I have to politely decline. *rolls eyes*


      1. They’re your kids. Who cares what other people think? I honestly thought all that was bullshit until my eldest was about 5 & had Nestlé’s Quik for the 1st time. It was as if someone had given her speed. She never stopped talking or moving for about 6 hours! She was the placid child! None of my kids ever had it again & I could have cared less if I was the “mean mommy.” Anything that turns your quiet, well-behaved child into a maniac is NOT good for them!


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