SkarsPorn Sunday

And here it is again, time for SkarsPorn!!!!








Is it just me or does the last one with Lois Lowry make anyone else think he’s wearing huge fleece footie pjs?

:) on no other note, there’s a chapter with the betas so you should have a new chapter soon. Ad I’m working working working on more new chapters for y’all. :)

9 thoughts on “SkarsPorn Sunday

    1. Some zip up the back. Believe me I know we had to do a procurement mission for my oldest when he started stripping off his (poo filled) diapers at night. Damn that kid was resourceful!


      1. Yes, his diapers were taped on him (a nightmare since we use cloth). Then zipped up the back and then safety pinned at least on me if not more. It was a complete nightmare. Thank GOD he’s grown out of that phase.


  1. I can say with utter honesty that I have no shame about LOVING to look at this man. Thank you for feeding the addiction..


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