2 new chapters?!?

Okay, so I have TWO new chapters for you. ;o) And the obligatory SkarsPorn, of course.


The first is from Working Man. And I’m really not all that happy with it. It’s a transition chapter more than anything and it just pisses me off. So, keep that in mind when reading.

Working Man // Chapter 2: Attack

I’ve also updated the casting pages for Working Man so you can go see the new additions.

The second chapter is for Prisoner.

Prisoner // Chapter 2

If you haven’t seen, there are casting pages up for Prisoner as well.

Now, due to the fact that I’m extremely impatient, only one of my betas has returned these chapters to me. So if there are any massive changes I’ll let you know. Otherwise I’ll just replace the chapters as they’re corrected.

Enjoy darlins!

2 thoughts on “2 new chapters?!?

  1. Oh honey, ye have little faith in your readers! I’m sure we’ll love your chapters… Well, I know I should only speak for myself, but since I do read all the comments from them, I’ve all the confidence in the world and you that we’ll love them as much as all the others! You’re a terrific writer – don’t sweat the small stuff! All the best!


    1. Aw thanks darlin! That so totally made my day! I think it’s all in my head…but it’s the patience thing again. I know where it’s going and I want it to get there like NOW! :)


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