Hell Week

I’ve totally been through Hell Week and I’m not even pledging anywhere. Sheesh! For real, the amount of shit that has piled up on me or just happened in general around me…it’s astounding. And it’s little shit too, which annoys me.

But anyways, I have new stuff for you!

Working Man // Chapter 3: Introductions

And the casting pages are updated for Working Man as well since we got a few new characters. Before I let you go read, I will stipulate a few things.
1. I don’t own anything recognizable. (I really don’t give this disclaimer enough, but whatevers.)
2. It is in no way advisable to keep penguins as pets and is in fact illegal in the US. I’m playing with the legalities and realities, but only slightly.
3. Animal rescue is a serious thing and shouldn’t be done by just anyone. The info I give out (the recipe you’ll see in the chapter) is a real one that I have used when I was part of a rescue, but it shouldn’t be thrown together by just anyone. Just sayin.

Now, that I’m done preaching, feel free to go read. ;o)

Oh, and I’ll probably have another chapter for you later tonight, but as of right now I just need to fuck off and get some dinner with Mike. And probably strangle one or more children in the process, but still…

5 thoughts on “Hell Week

    1. Ah a woman after my own heart! My children all managed to make it through dinner unscathed…probably due to the massive kokonut kooler Mike ordered for me. Apparently since I didn’t get a drink on my actual birthday he had to make up for it. No complaints from me….


      1. Alcohol was of great assistance in my parenting years! Goodness knows mine barely managed a pizza without trying to kill one another – oh those girls! Kids are hard work, God bless their little hearts! You have the best husband! A belated birthday dinner out with you & the kids? He’s so good to you! He’s a keeper. Happy Birthday, and I’m glad you’re feeling better!


      2. Thanks darlin! I try to forget it every year and mike always tries to di something nice. :) he’s definitely a keeper.

        And my kids…oh my kids. There just are no words.


      3. You’re too cute! Enjoy your birthdays! You still get ’em! Good husbands are hard to find. Took me 3 times. Yeah, there are no words for your kids. Doesn’t matter how old they get, they’ll always be your babies. Even when grown up ingrates like mine whose “ATM” (spelled “MOM”) just ran dry…ya still love ’em.


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