It’s been…

…it’s been one hell of a day.

I had 2 speech things with my Pibby and coupled with no nap for any of the three…and then to find out of a supremely tragic and untimely death in our little fanfic community-I feel icky.

But, thanks to my awesome new admin 4Padfoot, you have a new chapter and some new character pages. She’s doing some awesome stuff on the blog (note the new SkarsPorn page in the top navigation bar) and she’s adding some useful stuff in and around.

So check out

Already Married // Chapter 5: Hurt & Betrayal

And Lafayette and Jesus have character pages, much to Mike’s delight…seriously he’s got some kinda Lafayette fetish or something. ;o)

So enjoy.

12 thoughts on “It’s been…

    1. I’m glad. I’ve been in a huge funk all day. For never having actually met her, it hit me harder than I thought it would. And I have no one in real life to talk to about it except for my husband, but he was at work all day.


      1. I completely understand! My fanfiction life (if I can call it that) is not well known in my immediate family and almost a secret from my friends, so I can’t really talk about it with anybody.


    1. I know. I think we all are. It’s just…so sad. And I always feel weird expressing condolences, especially about someone I never actually met in real life. They just seem so hollow somehow. Ya know? And yet I feel the loss profoundly and it just…sucks.


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