You’ve Probably Already Heard

But our fandom lost a master on Tuesday.

EricIzMine, aka Angela Vaughan, passed away suddenly Tuesday night.

Now, I wasn’t one of her besties…hell, I’d never even met her in real life. But I was very upset when I heard the news.

And yet, I’m pretty damn sure she’s out skipping through the various ‘verses, waiting for us to find her and join her in her skipping merriment. (I do actually believe in the the parallel universe theory, so…)

And I firmly believe that she’d probably want to kick our collective asses if we mope around much longer.

That being said, there are a ton of authors out there who’ve done a much better job at this than I am…I am notoriously bad at verbalizing what I’m thinking, especially after someone passes. So, I’ll leave you with a few tid bits.

Firstly, there is a page here for a memorial fund run by her mother. I’d seriously encourage you to go donate, even a little.

And if you’re going to be doing any shopping on Amazon for Christmas, or in general, try going through her partnership page. Any little bit helps and her kids have access to all her accounts. So this’ll really help with Christmas for them.

So, that’s it. Our fandom lost a master, one who ascended much higher than even the creator of our beloved characters. Her stories have been enjoyed and loved by people of every age, and every color, in every part of the world. Saints and Sinners is still my all time favorite story and one I constantly have on my mobile devices so I can read whenever.

Here’s to you, Angela. We’ll miss you.

EricIzMine tribute

10 thoughts on “You’ve Probably Already Heard

  1. I hadn’t heard until you posted this. She will be missed by so many, including myself. She was a very talented writer and the fact she shared her gift with all of us is/was a blessing. So sad. R.I.P.


  2. I couldn’t believe it when I heard. I never met her in person but I felt connected to her through her stories. I know she will be missed especially by her children. I’ve donated. I’m waiting in pay day for amazon.


  3. Thanks for sharing on your blog.
    And it’s hard believe in one way, but the fund has already reached it’s goal. In another, not so hard… She was an amazing woman with an incredible skill that touched so many very deeply.

    Despite reaching it’s goal, the fund above is still open. EricIz Mine’s mother has said that anything over the $5000 (medical and fumeral costs) will be put aside for EricIz Mine’s 6 children. So please feel free to keep sharing, I know I will when I get paid.

    Forever a Brat


  4. Just lovely.
    I’ll miss her so much.
    I get so sad thinking I’ll never wake up to a new chapter again. I re-read Breathless just yesterday and reached a part in the story where, in past re-reads, I’d think “I wonder if she’ll turn that into another verse” and I suddenly realised there would never be another verse, another chapter, another stupid, silly chat on FB…and I got upset all over again. I don’t think any of her “brats” or her other fans will get over this quickly and my heart goes out to her family, especially her children. She was an extraordinary woman.

    A quote from Nuclear Winter (my favourite of her verses) – “I don’t want her to hear she took me with her when she died. I want her to hear I kept part of her alive.” Her stories will continue to inspire and entertain for a long time to come. Her memory will live on.


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