Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Or, ya know, happy Thursday if you don’t celebrate pre-Black Friday. (Don’t EVEN get me started!) here’s something yummy-and with no calories!!!-for your pleasure.


16 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    1. Totally…we went out “loser looking” last night. It’s the equivalent of Christmas light looking for thanksgiving. We drive around making fun of people who are lining up for stores and try to teach our kids why it’s a stupid practice. And it sucks cause I was thinking about taking the kids to the mall to the play area today (since after a week of no school for my oldest they’re about to kill each other) but hell no!


      1. I’m scared to even leave my HOUSE today…I can’t imagine trying to take KIDS anywhere. “Loser looking” – I love it!! (I can see friends or family making a day of going out on Friday to shop hella more than I can ever see anyone making such a big deal of standing/camping! in line to buy stuff.) Thursday = Thanksgiving. Friday = Online shopping…


      2. So true. I did the Black Friday thing once, before I had kids. But I had such bad anxiety attacks that I never did it again. I order online sometimes, but honestly the deals aren’t even that great most of the time. Seems like such a waste! And then of course we had all our parents (5 sets of them!) call and want to know what to get the kids for Christmas so they could shop today…I’m like they don’t need anything! How about experience gifts-passes to the aquarium or the zoo? Bt nooooooooo….::banghead::


      3. Ugh. Well, at least they’re trying. Ohh, I know: clothing in sizes that they can grow into over the next year? QUITE toys? Interactive (“learning”) games? I dunno…I don’t have kids, lol. How about: overnight stay-overs with each set so they can spend time together? Um…stress relievers for Mom and Dad??


      4. Seriously. They try way too hard cause my parents hate each other so they try to one up the other. My bio mom is trying to make up for not knowing me for 24 years through the kids. Husbands parents hate each other too so the one up happens again on op of this is the first christmas since they got back in touch after 4 years. It’s ridiculous. I seriously just cleaned out 3 loads in my moms van of crap in our house, and now I’m gonna have to do it again. Sigh. Oh well, it could be much worse and I know that.

        I really am a bitch when I think about it. :)


      5. Naw…you just want them to all STFU, get along, and spend time instead of money on the kids…and you guys, too. I can see where they’re coming from, but that doesn’t make it ANY easier on you guys. You COULD tell them to band together and buy y’all a house where all the crap they load you down with would actually FIT…


      6. “Loser looking.” That’s hilarious! Even in all the cold weather we’ve had this week, there are some folks out there who’ve got their Christmas lights up already! Who does this in 4″ snow & 28*degrees?

        We get our grandkids clothes – because we know they have enough toys. We get them books, which they love, and also coloring & drawing things (the kinds that show up only on paper – best invention EVER!). This way they can bring them here if they want, or take them other places. Kids always need clothes, especially socks!


      7. See, that makes sense. But when our parents get clothes for the kids they’re all either the wrong sizes or just NOT something I’d ant my kids wearing…for instance, black leather mini skirt for my 14 month old daughter? uh no. I’m not raising a baby whore. Not that i have a problem with black leather mini skirts (I have at least one and definitely worse things) but not for my baby. When she’s a teenager we can revisit that discussion. It’s ridiculous. And my kids hate socks…just like me. Despite my dad’s absolute insistence on wearing shoes everywhere, even when we tell him to take them off in our house ::banghead:: We’re seriously all screwed if we move somewhere cold cause I’d still suffer through in my flip flops-frost bitten toes and all. Socks and shoes squick me out.


      8. Black leather mini skirt for a baby? WTF were they thinking? That would be returned or lost. Way inappropriate. We spend enough time with the kids to know what sizes they’re in & try to get stuff to last at least 2 seasons. I still ask! My girls could wear minis & leather when they were teens – if they bought their own; even then I wouldn’t buy it for them. They weren’t into that style. They each had their own; one very girlie, the other more bohemian. Now they’re the complete opposite! So weird how they grow up & change! It’s cold here, so socks are a good thing, but flip flops are for summer. My oldest has every color made. She’s lucky her aunt works at LL Beans. I live in them from till I’m forced to wear socks & my Wicked Cool Mocs again! Maybe you could just make sure the gift receipts are in the box?


      9. Yeah if there is a gift receipt we totally take advantage but those are few and far between. Oh well, we end up donating a lot. There’s a battered women’s shelter nearby that we donate to…anything they can’t use for the women or kids, they sell in their thrift shop. So it’s a good cause and my house isn’t overflowing with junk. Seriously my moms a boarder line hoarder. It’s pulling teeth to get her to get rid of things. She’s still got 80’s shoulder pad dresses in her closet. :o


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