Let me tell you how my mind works….

First-let’s have some eye candy…


Okay…I have insomnia. I have for years. And it sucks. So, about a month ago, I started plotting for Prisoner while I was trying to fall asleep. And I got all of the next chapter and most of the chapter after plotted, right down to the exact words. And it was goooooooooood….

And then I woke up and forgot. This has happened at least 4 other times since then, but never as good as that first time. For the life of me I cannot remember what I dreamed up and now it’s killed me for writing that story. So for those of your waiting for a new Prisoner chapter, sorry. I will keep plugging away though.

This, however, is a new chapter for Already Married.

Already Married // Chapter 6: Explaining to Do

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize, I don’t own.

And a huge thanks goes out to my awesome betas (sisterthemoon, Nix, TheDarkInsomniac, MsBuffy, and AshleySue) who make what I write readable. And another huge thanks to 4Padfoot for pulling her wordpress magic out and making the site look so damn good!

And, of course, a huge thanks to everyone who reads, likes and reviews. It gives me warm and fuzzies every single time I get an alert. :)

By the way, a new chapter of Working Man is with the betas so it should post in the next few days. I also have a few surprises in store as well, so keep an eye out.

2 thoughts on “Let me tell you how my mind works….

    1. Aw thanks darlin. I knwo where I want it to go, but getting there is annoying the crap out of me. Nothing I write sounds as good as what I had before. ;o(


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