SkarsPorn Sunday

I bet you all were thinking I forgot about posting. But nooooooooo…..

I was just dealing with family drama, weirdly hyped up kids and trying to write my secret santa fic. It has been a loooooooooooong day. And this week is going to be a long one as well, but oh well. Anyways, enough about my drama, here’s the sexy man!









Oh to be that girl…..

Sigh. So yeah if you haven’t been keeping up with the Walking with the Wounded updates, the race has apparently been suspended. Bu they will all reach the South Pole together, so that’s comforting. I guess they underestimated the severity of the terrain and the stress it would put on everyone. I’m actually kinda happy, since it means Askars’ deliciousness is safe and sound, if not entirely warm. I can’t even imagine having to do something like that wounded like some of the vets. Ivan (I think that’s his name) is blind, something I can identify at least partially with…and it’s just terrifying to even consider.

So, after that bit of ish, I also have some good news. There’s a new chapter posted! Check it out below.
Working Man // Chapter 4: Truths

And once again, don’t own anything recognizable and huge thanks to everyone who helps, reads or reviews! I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate it. :)

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