Happy Whatever-Holiday-You-Happen-to-Celebrate…or not

Here in our house, we celebrate Yule on the 21st (the solstice) and then Christmas. However, due to the extremely high temps this week (upwards of 80ish) it does NOT feel at all festive. So I’m just kinda blah.

However, this little number did perk me up a bit.


So whatever you do-or don’t-celebrate..I hope you had a wonderful day!


3 thoughts on “Happy Whatever-Holiday-You-Happen-to-Celebrate…or not

  1. Greetings, Kelpie!

    I hope you & your lovely family enjoyed a very special Christmas!  I am thrilled and relieved it’s over for this year!  I just had to truly LOL at your ASkars pic; my thought being, “Only Kelpie could find a pic of ASkars as an angel…”  Lovely, mouthwatering, and hilarious all at once!

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays!  Have a safe & Happy New Year!

    Peace & Laughter!




    1. Hey darlin! Somehow, between all the crap I’ve been doing, I totally missed this! I’m sorry! I hope you had an awesome holiday as well…ours was crazy. And I totally can’t take credit for that pic, although I’d love to since it’s just SO genius! Someone on tumblr posted it and I just happened to snag it…it made the rounds. :)

      Have a great new year if I don’t talk to you again beforehand!


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